2018 Artist Roster Announced

FANFARE-LA will have its third incarnation as an exhibition within the Photo Independent International Exposition of Contemporary Photography in Los Angeles. We are thrilled to have our exhibition part of one of the largest and most prestigious photography festivals in the world. We will display the work of ten internationally known photographic artists to engage the viewer in direct discussions about sexuality via the best in fine art photography.

Our 2018 roster of artists includes Milan Von Brünn, Rich Cirminello, Vlad Kenner, MJ Mont-Reynaud (posthumously via Breathless Exposure Studios), Retrotie, Michael Rosen, SameSource, Carl Shubs, John Waiblinger Art, and Kellesimone Waits.

FANFARE–LA was established to promote serious art by photographers working in fine art nude, fetish subject matter, and sexually charged ideas that engage and provoke the viewer while overlapping fashion, erotica, and commentary concerning human sexuality. Often neglected in the fine art world because of the controversy inherent in confronting sexuality directly, sexually charged fine art photography nevertheless has a rich history in the Los Angeles region, which has served as the backdrop for such legendary photographers as Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts, as well as more recent artists like the ones we will bring to you. Southern California remains a primary source for provocative contemporary culture, from the sophisticated to the unrefined. One person's art may be another person's pornography, and we aren't here to make that distinction for you. We will showcase the work of both established and emerging artists with the goal of both challenging you and arousing you, while never concerning ourselves with what is politically correct. In an age where any type of pruriency is just a few clicks away, certainly there is room for an exhibition of photographers who aspire to make it into art.